TEA The Entrepreneurial Artist

A chat with Meg Mader, Painter/Owner of an Arts Business "The Journey Studio"

December 22, 2020 Tania Ingerson Podcaster/Entrepreneurial Artist Season 2 Episode 5
TEA The Entrepreneurial Artist
A chat with Meg Mader, Painter/Owner of an Arts Business "The Journey Studio"
Show Notes

Meg Mader

Painter/Owner of an Art Business “The Journey Studio”

The Journey Studio runs an Art Group, sells art supplies, sells Meg’s original paintings and commissions, runs events called “Paint and Plonk” and sells an online art course

Meg is an inspiring Entrepreneurial Artist with a wonderful laugh and passion for making a business from her art which she is very passionate about.

In this “Quick Chat” series we focus on one main topic and for this podcast we focussed on creating and running art classes including online as part of an Art Business of selling original art, commissions and art supplies. 

“Growing up in galleries and around artists meant that Meg and her family were always drawing, painting and creating and now with children of her own, Meg is passing on this passion.

Seeing the joy that art brings to others and with her blossoming family of artists it was time to return to her roots in the art world. The first step in this process was to source quality art supplies and make them available for sale to our community and Meg continues to provide her knowledge and advice to those looking to purchase art supplies.

The concept of the Journey Studio was developed from her property name in Spring Gully near Clare and the idea of the continual refinement and development of technique as well as the different ways that the artist develops of seeing things is the journey.

She provides lively and vibrant artworks by artist using only premium, archival quality materials which means the paper won’t yellow and the colours won’t fade.”



To purchase or discuss a commission or an art class event, please contact Meg
email meg@thejourneystudio.com.au.

It was such a lovely chat with Meg on her gorgeous property in regional South Australia. Meg is an incredible inspiration for creating a life doing what you love, living where you love and creating a business around what she is passionate about with her young family.  Meg and her husband Rob run seperate businesses and work together on their businesses, support each other with ideas and building their businesses. They have regular business meetings and when you see where they live and see the happiness and passion for creating a life for their family that is designed the way they want for what they love..well you just can’t help feel inspired yourself.